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Cat Owen Professional Personal Trainer and more....


ACSM Exercise Physiologist and Creator of Cat Owen Fitness

Team Five


Named for the five components of health related physical fitness, and the five women who apply and are selected to participate, TEAM 5 is a 10 week long program designed to promote muscle growth and strength. The women chosen through the application process are assigned a workout regimen including cardiovascular (HIIT, as well as steady state), weight training, and macronutrient tracking guidelines. They must not be afraid to break out of their comfort zones, and be ready to embrace the changes their bodies will face.



Found out what your fitness program can offer you!

Studies show that the benefits to being physically active are numerous, and far outweigh the risks of not being physically active. A sedentary lifestyle promotes future illnesses and morbidities. A training program provided through Cat Owen Fitness could help you to obtain these benefits and reach your fitness goals.


Varied Workouts to keep your muscles guessing


Dead Lifts and Power Cleans


Both exercises lead to a strong core...

Maxicam Machine


This machine is the holy grail of them all, plenty of exercise variations.

Personal Training at ATF

We offer professional personal training for all, with a special emphasis on our wounded warrior veterans!


It doesn't matter if your abled bodied, undergoing injury or medical rehabilitation or just want to know what works best for your body type.

 A personal trainer is a great choice to maximize your results and time!

Ask for Cat our in demand personal trainer and book your one on one session today!


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